Facilitating with Equity

Date /Time:

Virtual: Tuesday, January 30, 2024 1:30 PM(EDT) - 3:30 PM(EDT)

In-Person: Wednesday, January 31, 2024 10:00 AM(EDT) - 12:00 PM(EDT)

Workshop Overview: 

Do you want to know how you can be more mindful of how social inequities and the marginalization of equity-deserving groups plays out in your daily meetings, discussions, presentations, and workshops? Are you seeking to learn how you can intentionally embed tools and practices within your facilitation style which will help address these harmful dynamics and ensure deeper inclusivity? Then you should enroll in this workshop! – especially if you are a leader or manager and/or someone responsible for holding space during educational or training opportunities. 

Tangible tips for tailoring facilitation to your specific audience, mindfully creating safer space and increasing participation from a diversity of those attending your meeting or offering, as well as on how to address common challenging behaviours will be provided via a hands-on, supportive workshop experience that encourages you to gain more confidence with the discomfort often associated with being responsible for spaces where unlearning is happening or needs to happen.  

This workshop is applicable for both those already facilitating and those looking to hone their skills to facilitate more.  

It is most ideal for those who are beginning to reflect on equity and intersectionality as related to facilitation and the common dynamics arising when privileges are challenged. Folks with more advanced knowledge of embedding equity practices and considerations within their facilitation are welcome and should know that the workshop will be tailored towards providing foundational knowledge.  

Learning Outcomes: 

Participating in this workshop will enable you to better:  

  • Recognize the importance of planning, preparation and knowing who your audience is for successful facilitation in which equity practices are intentionally embedded,   

  • Identify tools you can integrate into your equity-based facilitation tool kit and to know when different tools are most applicable, &  

  • Continue building your confidence in overcoming any discomfort or uncertainty you have when addressing inequities, lack of representation and diversity, and harm caused during facilitation.  


This workshop has been developed as a companion to Facilitating with Confidence. It can be helpful to first take Facilitating with Confidence, and then enroll in this workshop – though you do not need to do so.  

Intended Audience: 

All UWaterloo Employees 

Managers & Supervisors and other People Leaders are strongly encouraged to enroll, as are those facilitating educational and/or training opportunities.  .  

Workshop Format: 

In-Person or Virtual


2 hours  


Meaghan Ross - Learning and Development Specialist, Leadership Development

If you have any questions or accessibility needs Meaghan should be informed of prior to you enrolling and/or attending the workshop, please email m23ross@uwaterloo.ca   


In-Person: EC1-1004 OHD Training Room 

Virtual Session

In-person Session