Performance Appraisal process for 2023

Tuesday, November 14, 2023
  • Staff continue to have two choices for performance documentation
  • Supporting resources are available on the HR website to assist you  
  • Workshop sessions to support managers/supervisors and employees are available
  • Performance documentation continues to be paper-based for this year’s process

Staff are part of the foundation at the University of Waterloo, with everyone contributing to our reputation for excellence. The annual performance appraisal is a key component of performance development, allowing staff and manager/supervisors to connect. Knowing how we are performing in our roles, setting achievable targets, and exploring ways to grow professionally is key to our development and success. 

Similar to last year, staff employees can choose to have their performance documented within one of two paper-based options for 2023:

  • Staff Confidential Appraisal form, or
  • Staff Performance Summary form

Although we do not yet have an approved Staff Salary Recommendation effective May 1, 2024, we anticipate that it will include a merit program which uses the performance ratings as an input into the calculation of salary increases. To that end, performance ratings will need to be finalized and provided to Human Resources in early March 2024. To support this timeline, managers are encouraged to plan for the process at this time and schedule performance conversations with their staff early in 2024.

As you prepare for the appraisal process, the following resources may assist you:

Employee Resources:

  • Staff Performance Summary (DOCX) & (PDF)
  • Staff Confidential Appraisal Form (DOCX) & (PDF)

Manager Resources:

  • ​Performance Discussion Guide (DOCX)
  • Staff Activity Form (DOCX)
  • Timeline
  • Rating Guidelines
  • Performance Log
  • Preparing for a difficult conversation (PDF)  

For those new to the annual appraisal process, performance for the calendar year and goals for the upcoming year are documented using the Staff Confidential Appraisal Form or Staff Performance Summary. This form, and the conversations involved with its completion, is a component of the ongoing performance development process between managers/supervisors and their staff employees. The annual appraisal provides an opportunity to formally document achievements, expectations, and identify areas where employees may need extra support or professional development. The content of this documentation should substantiate the performance rating assigned and provide central reference support for career advancement opportunities within Waterloo.

Organizational and Human Development (OHD) is offering separate workshop sessions to support both managers and employees with the performance appraisal process:  

  • Leading Performance Conversations (with your Team) is a two-hour workshop for supervisors that focuses on having meaningful, ongoing conversations with employees, specific to their performance. This course is for supervisors and managers, including staff who supervise students and faculty who supervise academic staff.
  • Navigating Performance Conversations (with your Manager) is a new workshop that offers practical tips for employees on how to prepare for their performance appraisal conversations with their manager. Staff will learn how to talk about their accomplishments in the past year and explore what skills they would like to develop and foster in the upcoming year.

Session dates and times are listed on Portal.

Earlier this year, the University engaged with Deloitte (an external consulting firm) to support the development of a Strategic Talent and Performance Framework. Throughout the Fall, Deloitte has been working with several teams within Human Resources, as well as key stakeholders on campus, to develop recommendations for improvement for staff talent programs including a new capability (competency) framework and a refreshed performance development (management) program. Their final report is expected towards the end of 2023 and, once implemented, is expected to bring significant improvements to several aspects of talent management for staff employees, including the annual appraisal process. Stay tuned for more information on this important initiative!

If you have any questions, please contact your Human Resources Partner.