Detailed salary & scholarship reporting

Notice: There are a few updates to the reports and how they will appear in the Detailed Salary Reporting System:

  1. 2019 reports will combine both PeopleSoft (previous HR system) and Workday (new HR system as of January, 2019) data from 2017-present.
  2. The Salary Disbursements by Fiscal Year and Benefits Disbursements by Fiscal Year reports will be combined into one report with a drop-down menu to select salary, benefits or both options.
  3. Similarly, the Salary Disbursements – Data and Benefits Disbursements – Data reports will be combined into one report.
  4. Reports previously labelled “Encumbrances” will now be labelled “Commitments”.

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Detailed Salary and Scholarship reporting users must be connected to the University network or via the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to access the reports.

Requesting access

Access to this reporting is set up in Unit4 as part of the Work Order and financial structure setup. Going forward, access can be requested through the Request for New Work Order and Request to Change Work Order forms on the Finance website.

Basic Functionality

The reports can be found on the Human Resources website under Self Service.

Please enter your WatIAM username and password for access. 

After logging on, the following folders may be found under the home folder depending on the access you have been granted (You may have to click on browse to go to home in case favourites have been setup)

  • Detailed Salary Expense Reporting
  • Detailed Scholarship Payment Reporting

Image of the detailed salary reporting tool home page. You can search for report names or change views of the home page with options in the top right corner of the program.

Click on the Detailed Salary Expense Reporting folder to access reports shown in the screenshot below.

Detailed Salary Expense Reporting

Running Reports

All the report data, filtering and filter parameters are automatically adjusted based on your access level. The basic steps for running the reports are:

  • Click on a report under Detailed Salary Expense Reporting
  • Select filter parameters for setting up reporting criteria:
    • Checkbox in the drop down allows multiple values to be selected (multi-select)
    • Dropdowns without a checkbox are single select only
    • Text boxes allow any text or numbers to be entered
  • Click on ‘View Report’.

Please click on the report names to get more information about running each report (please note you will require access to the reports in order to view the supporting material).

Report Name Type Notes
HR0001F Salary and Benefits Disbursements by Fiscal Year Formatted Print Friendly
HR0002F Salary Commitments by Fiscal Year Formatted Print Friendly
HR0003F Combined Salary Disbursements and Commitments by Fiscal Year Formatted Print Friendly
HR0030D Salary and Benefits Disbursements - Data Data Easily exportable to MS Excel for more analysis
HR0055D Benefits Summary by Components Formatted Print Friendly
HR0060D Salary Disbursements - Exceptions Report Data Easily exportable to MS Excel for more analysis

Manage Subscriptions

You can subscribe to reports to be delivered to a windows folder by using to related actions button image of Ellipsis as follows:

Image of the New HR Salary Reports page. Click on the Ellipsis or related action button and click on the subscribe menu item

Provide a schedule, destination and credentials (read/ write) to access the destination as needed.

Under the schedule header select the time you would like the report to be delivered then select how you would like the report to be delivered Please refrain from using emails to maintain data privacy

Glossary of terms

Account and posting attributes – The new University chart of accounts consists of up to 4 pieces of information namely; account, work order, activity & student type. In most cases, only the first 3 pieces are necessary. Descriptions and listings of each segment value can be found on the Finance website.

Encumbrance – is a promise to pay a particular amount of money in the future and in exchange for a good or service that has not yet been provided. In the context of the University, an encumbrance is created for payroll commitments. It ceases to be an encumbrance when paid-out. The salary encumbrance represents the full year’s salary and wages (or the remainder of the year’s unpaid amount) for all currently filled positions at a given time.


The University community can request support and provide feedback for the Detailed Salary and Scholarship reporting service by emailing: