SEE Canada Selection Committee

Terms of reference


The SEE Canada Grant will provide an opportunity for University staff members to further their professional development through idea-exchange and learning alongside counterparts at other Canadian universities, colleges, research institutions or industry-partner organizations. Recipients are expected to be able to apply what they’ve learned to their role at Waterloo.

The SEE Canada Selection Committee will be tasked with advertising the SEE Canada Grant as well as selecting and awarding Grant recipients. 


  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Director, HR Client Services
  • Past-President of the Staff Association
  • A Past SEE Canada Grant winner, or SIEF winner

Resources to committee

  1. HR representative to help with communications and online content
  2. A staff member, provided by the UWSA, to act as administrative support to the committee


The selection committee will be tasked with:

  • Preparing all announcements and advertisements for the Grant
  • Hosting information sessions to promote the program
  • Reviewing all applications according to the eligibility criteria, outlined below
  • Interviewing all applicants
  • Collaboratively choosing the Grant recipients

The Chair 

  • Michelle Hollis, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer, is the chair of the committee and will be responsible for announcing the Grant recipients.