Return to work principles

For information regarding return to work, please refer to the return to work section of the Disability Management Guide (PDF).

For greater detail refer to the return to work principles (PDF) document, which outlines employee and manager responsibilities during the return to work process, including specific responsibilities in cases of absence due to:

  • Non-occupational illness/injury
  • Workplace issues/stress
  • Substance abuse
  • Workplace illness/injury

Return to work protocol

If your LTD terminates and your position at Waterloo is no longer available the following standard protocol will apply:

  1. Your employment with Waterloo would terminate and you would be provided with pay in lieu of notice, based on your pre-disability salary multiplied by the number of months, notice entitlement (as outlined in (Policy 18, Appendix E).
  1. Your participation in insured benefits would continue on the normal cost-sharing basis for the statutory notice period required under the Employment Standards Act. Benefits include health, dental and life insurance.
  1. Pension participation would also continue during this period with required member contributions on your part unless you indicate in writing that you do not want to participate in the pension plan.
  1. You would be eligible to apply for positions at Waterloo as an internal applicant for the notice entitlement (Policy 18, Appendix E) plus six additional months.
  1. If you would be successful in attaining another regular full or part-time Waterloo position during your notice entitlement period, you would be required to repay Waterloo the balance of the pay in lieu of notice received, but you would not be required to repay any of the severance payment received under the provisions of the Employment Standards Act.
  1. However, if you choose to retire immediately at the end of your statutory notice period, post- retirement benefits are dependent upon your pension choice.