Eligible dental benefits for services in calendar year will be reimbursed based on the Ontario Dental Association fee (ODA) guide with a two year lag. Each year, the ODA re-evaluates the costs of its services and adjusts its fee schedule accordingly.

Coverage is divided into three categories:

  1. Basic dental expenses*;
  2. Major restorative expenses*; and
  3. Orthodontic services*.

*Please refer to the Annual Benefit Maxima for details

Under the terms of the contract that the Waterloo has with Great-West Life, the Dental benefit provider, where any two or more courses of treatment for a given condition would produce professionally adequate results, the insurance company will pay benefits based on the least expensive course of treatment. The insurance company will determine the adequacy of the various courses of treatment available through a professional dental consultant.

Dental benefits cease with termination of employment or retirement.