Community of Practice

The intention of this Learning and Development Community of Practice (CoP) is to bring together departments across the University community that offer workshops with a focus on engaging learners in personal and professional development. As we focus on translating workshops and educational opportunities into a virtual learning environment, we want to establish a group to discuss how to leverage technology in a virtual environment, approaches to engaging learners online and exploring best practices as we design/facilitate online learning experiences. 


The Learning and Development CoP has membership from a number of units across campus. Ideally,  we attract employees that are leading the work on the ground.

These individuals those that designs, facilitates, teaches, or leads workshops and educational experiences within their work.

Departments currently represented in the CoP include:

  • Organizational and Human Development
  • Writing and Communication Centre
  • Centre for Career Action
  • Centre for Teaching Excellence
  • Centre for Extended Learning – Professional Development
  • Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion
  • Student Success Office
  • Library
  • Campus Wellness  


The CoP meets every two-to-three weeks to explore and discuss a variety of topics. As we build momentum in translating our work into a virtual learning environment, we will adjust the frequency of these meetings to once a month.


Currently, the CoP will meet via MS Teams. OHD will establish a Team with the members of the CoP to have a quick and accessible space to host meetings, share resources, and chat between meetings.

Contact Information:

Learning and Development Specialist
Organizational &
Human Development

Ext. 33099 | MC 4051a

Learning and Development Specialist
Organizational &
Human Development

Ext. 36676 | MC 4051