Psychology course outline - Winter 2015

For courses taken from Renison (R or REN), please contact Renison's Registrar's office.

For courses taken from St. Jeromes, (J or STJ), please contact Christina Mancini.

Course code Course title Instructor
PSYCH 101-01 (PDF) Introductory Psychology Stephanie Denison
PSYCH 101-02 (PDF) Introductory Psychology Rich Ennis
PSYCH 101 ONL Introductory Psychology Steve Spencer
PSYCH 207 Cognitive Processes Jonathan Fugelsang
PSYCH 207 ONL Cognitive Processes Jonathan Fugelsang and Jenn Stolz
PSYCH 211 Developmental Psychology Heather Henderson
PSYCH 232 (PDF) The Psychology of Evil Chris Burris (STJ)
PSYCH 253-01 (PDF) Social Psychology Hilary Berksieker
PSYCH 256 (PDF) Intro to Cognitive Science Paul Thagard (Philosophy)
PSYCH 257 (PDF) Psychopathology Pamela Seeds
PSYCH 257R (PDF) Psychopathology Carolyn Wilson (REN)
PSYCH 261 (PDF) Physiological Psychology Dan Smilek
PSYCH 292 (PDF) Basic Data Analysis Derek Koehler
PSYCH 308 Psychology of Reading Derek Besner
PSYCH 312ONL (PDF) Learning Disabilities Ernie MacKinnon
PSYCH 316 Pragmatic Language Development Daniela O'Neill
PSYCH 317 (PDF) Child Psychopathology Pamela Seeds
PSYCH 318 (PDF) Psychosexual Organization BJ Rye (STJ)
PSYCH 330 (PDF) Criminal Profiling Chris Burris (STJ)
PSYCH 334R (PDF) Theories of Individual Counselling Jim Perretta (REN)
PSYCH 335 (PDF) Developmental Neuropsychology Tara McAuley
PSYCH 338 (PDF) Organizational Psychology Rich Ennis
PSYCH 339 (PDF) Personnel Selection Winny Shen
PSYCH 340 Training and Development Rich Ennis
PSYCH 354 (PDF) Interpersonal Relations Joanne Wood
PSYCH 355 (PDF) Developmental Neuropsychology Tara McAuley
PSYCH 356 (PDF) Personality Richard Eibach
PSYCH 361 Evolutionary Psychology Jenn Stolz


History of Psychology Britt Anderson
PSYCH 391 (PDF) Basic Data Analysis James Beck
PSYCH 394-01 (PDF) Research in Cognition and Perception Derek Besner
PSYCH 394-02 (PDF) Research in Cognition and Perception Paul Seli
PSYCH 396-01 Research in Behavioural Neuroscience Colin Ellard
PSYCH 396-02 (PDF) Research in Behavioural Neuroscience Nathaniel Barr
PSYCH 398-01 Research in Memory Jenn Stolz
PSYCH 398-02 Research in Memory James Danckert
PSYCH 398-03 (PDF) Research in Memory Paul Wehr
PSYCH 453 Honours Seminar: Developmental Psychology Katherine White
PSYCH 455 (PDF) Honours Seminar: Close Relationships John Rempel (STJ)
PSYCH 458 (PDF) Psychology of Economic Decision Derek Koehler
PSYCH 461 (PDF) History of Psychology Britt Anderson
PSYCH 465/467 (PDF) Applied Apprenticeship Vince Di Ruzza
PSYCH 467/465 (PDF) Human Resources Apprenticeship Vince Di Ruzza
PSYCH 492 (PDF) Psychological Measurement Ramona Bobocel
PSYCH 499/A/B/C Honours Thesis Ramona Bobocel