Flavoured tobacco products

In 2010, federal legislation banned flavours (except menthol) in cigarettes, little cigars/cigarillos (≤1.4g), and blunt wraps;vi further amendments implemented in December 2015 extended this to other types of cigars (>1.4g to ≤6g, with tipping paper, or without spiral wrapper), with an exception for “traditional alcohol flavours” (port, wine, rum and whisky).vii The exception for menthol in these products was removed effective October 2, 2017.viii

Further amendments to the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act prohibited menthol and clove additives in all tobacco products at the ingredient level, effective November 19, 2018.ix Prior to federal bans, however, seven provinces had already adopted legislation to ban flavours in all or most tobacco products.x Despite these restrictions, some flavoured tobacco products (e.g., smokeless tobacco, shisha, alcohol-flavoured cigarillos) remain on the market in some provinces.

Note: Use of flavoured non-cigarette tobacco products among past 30-day users was reported in previous editions, but is not included on the CTNS.