Bar chart showing prevalence of ever use and past 30-day use of e-cigarettes among Canadians age 15+, by province, in 2020. Trends described in text. Data table below with 95% confidence intervals.While differences between provinces in prevalence of ever using e-cigarettes were not statistically significant,99 estimates ranged from a low of 14.6% in New Brunswick to a high of 20.4% in Newfoundland & Labrador (Figure 11.8).

Similarly, provincial estimates of use in the past 30 days did not vary significantly,100 although many were not reportable. Past 30-day use was greatest in Alberta, at 6.4%.

Between 2013 and 2020, prevalence of ever using e-cigarettes increased in all provinces, with some nearly doubling during this time (Table 11.1).


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