Although current smoking prevalence was fairly low among the youngest respondents, youth may be susceptible to future smoking. Susceptibility to smoking is defined as “the absence of a firm decision not to smoke,” and can predict future smoking among youth.xvii

Overall, approximately one-third (34.0%)a of never-smokers in grades 7-9 were classified as susceptible to smoking* in 2016-17, which was not significantly different from 32.8%b in 2014-15.83 Similar percentages of males (34.3%)c and females (33.7%)d were susceptible to smoking.84

* Students were classified as NOT susceptible if they responded “definitely not” to the following three items: “Do you think in the future you might try smoking cigarettes?”, “If one of your best friends was to offer you a cigarette would you smoke it?”, and “At any time during the next year do you think you will smoke a cigarette?”; all other students were classified as susceptible. 

95% confidence intervals for in-text estimates 

a: 34.0 [32.7-35.2]
b: 32.8 [30.4-35.2]
c: 34.3% [32.8-35.8]
d: 33.7% [32.0-35.3]