Susceptibility to smoking

Although many of the youngest respodents reported never smoking, youth may be susceptible to smoking in the future. Susceptibility to smoking is defined as “the absence of a firm decision not to smoke,” and can predict future smoking among youth.xi

In 2018-19, when students in grades 7-9 were asked, “At any time during the next 12 months do you think you will smoke a cigarette?”, most (83.0%a) reported “definitely not”; 13.2%b reported “probably not”, 2.5%c “probably yes” and just 1.3%d “definitely yes”. Since CSTADS 2018-19 asked only one smoking susceptibility question, while previous surveys made a composite measure from three questions, estimates cannot be compared with previous surveys.

95% confidence intervals for in-text estimates 

a: 83.0% [81.8-84.2]
b: 13.2% [12.2-14.2]
c: 2.5% [2.2-2.8]
d: 1.3% [1.0-1.5]