Ages 15-19

Ever smoking - ages 15-19

Among youth aged 15-19, 10.5%a reported ever having smoked a whole cigarette in 2020, not significantly different from the 2019 estimate of 10.7%b,36 (Figure 6.4). Significantly more males (12.8%c) than females (7.8%d) had smoked a whole cigarette.37

The percentage of students who had ever smoked a whole cigarette increased with age in most years between 1999 and 2017. This age gradient appeared to be particularly steep in the most recent years.

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95% confidence intervals for in-text estimates

a: 10.5 [8.5-12.4]
b: 10.7 [8.8-12.6]
c: 12.8 [10.0-15.5]
d: 7.8 [5.3-10.3]