Reasons for quitting smoking

When recent (past year) quitters were asked about their main reason for quitting smoking, two-thirds (67.5%a) cited health; this increased slightly to 68.7% when pregnancy or a baby in the household (i.e., health of a child) was included (Figure 6.29). Few smokers cited the cost of cigarettes as their main reason to quit. One in five (21.6%b) cited some other reason.

Reasons to quit by sex

See data table below with 95% confidence intervals.Health or a pregnancy or baby in the household was the main reason to quit cited by the majority of recent quitters among both males and females; there was no significant difference by sex (Figure 6.29).76

Reasons to quit by age

See data table below with 95% confidence intervals.The percentage of recent quitters who cited health or pregnancy as a reason for quitting did not vary significantly by age group77 (Figure 6.30).

95% confidence intervals for in-text estimates

a: 67.5 [52.9-82.1]
b: 21.6 [8.7-34.4]