See data table below with 95% confidence intervals.In 2017, use of cigarillos, cigars, and waterpipe varied significantly by age group38-40; smokeless tobacco did not.41

Young adults aged 20-24 reported the highest prevalence of use of other tobacco products, followed by youth aged 15-19. After young adulthood, prevalence of use appears to decrease for all products (Figure 4.5).

Between 1999 and 2017, this pattern of high use among the younger age groups (especially ages 20-24), declining with increasing age, applied to cigar/cigarillo use in almost all years with available data (Figure 4.6). Use of cigars/cigarillos appears to have increased over time in all age groups until around 2008, after which use generally decreased. This pattern was particularly pronounced among young people: cigar/cigarillo use among youth aged 15-19 has declined steeply and steadily; among young adults aged 20-24, after a large initial drop, progress has been slower.

 See data table below with 95% confidence intervals.