Reasons for use of e-cigarettes

Past 30-day users of e-cigarettes were asked, “Currently, what is your main reason for vaping?” (Figure 11.36), 37.6%a selected reasons related to cigarette smoking cessation (including to quit smoking cigarettes, to cut down on smoking cigarettes, and to avoid returning to smoking cigarettes).

Use of e-cigarettes related to quitting smoking did not differ significantly between males (41.2%b) and females (32.1%c).140

Pie chart showing main reasons for using e-cigarettes, among past 30-day users, in 2020. Trends described in text. Data table below with 95% confidence intervals.

Figure 11.36 Data table with 95% confidence intervals

Figure 11.36: Main reasons for using e-cigarettes, among past 30-day users, 2020
Reason % of respondents
To quit smoking cigarettes 20.5 [15.2-25.9]
Because you enjoy it 17.0 [12.8-21.2]
To reduce stress or calm you down 16.7 [12.1-21.3]
By curiosity, you just wanted to try it 12.7 [9.3-16.0]
Other* 16.1 [10.4-21.8]
To avoid returning to smoking cigarettes 9.0 [5.6-12.4]
To cut down on smoking cigarettes 8.0 [4.9-11.2]

*'Other' includes 'To use when you cannot/are not allowed to smoke cigarettes'.
Data source: Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey, 2020.

95% confidence intervals for in-text estimates 

a: 37.6 [31.4-43.7]
b: 41.2 [32.9-49.6]
c: 32.1 [22.7-41.5]