Reasons for use of e-cigarettes

Use as a smoking cessation aid

 Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey, 2015. See data table with 95% confidence intervals below.

Ever-users of e-cigarettes who were either recent (past year) quitters or current smokers who had ever tried to quit, were asked “In the past two years, did you ever use the e-cigarette as an aid while attempting to quit smoking?”; half (49.9%a) reported doing so.

Use of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid was reported by nearly equal proportions of males (50.1%b) and females (49.7%c).161 Use as a cessation aid also did not differ significantly by age group,162 although it appeared to be less prevalent among youth than among adults over age 20 (Figure 12.24).

When considering all those who had ever used an e-cigarette (of any smoking status), 22.8%d reported using it as a quit aid within the past 2 years (22.3%e of males; 23.6%f of females).

More than three-quarters (76.6%g) of smokers who had used e-cigarettes in the past 30 days were intending to quit smoking in the next 6 months, significantly greater than the 63.6%h of smokers who had NOT used e-cigarettes.163 Intentions to quit smoking in the next 30 days were similar between past 30-day users (29.5%i) and non-users (31.3%j) of e-cigarettes.164

Use to replace cigarettes

 Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey, 2015. See data table with 95% confidence intervals below.Current smokers were asked the following: “Sometimes smokers use e-cigarettes even when they are not attempting to quit smoking. Have you ever used e-cigarettes when you were not able to smoke or when you wanted to smoke fewer cigarettes?  (For example, in a meeting, on a plane, at school?)”.

Overall, approximately one-third (35.2%k) of e-cigarette ever-users who were also cigarette smokers reported using an e-cigarette when they were unable to smoke, or to smoke fewer cigarettes.

This type of use was reported by 37.7%l of males and 31.6%m of females, not significantly different.165 As well, there was no significant variation by age group in this type of use166 (Figure 12.25).

When all current smokers were considered, 17.7%n reported ever using an e-cigarette to replace cigarettes (19.0%o of males; 15.9%p of females).

95% confidence intervals for in-text estimates 

a: 49.9 [43.9-56.0]
b: 50.1 [42.1-58.1]
c: 49.7 [41.2-58.2]
d: 22.8 [19.5-26.1]
e: 22.3 [17.8-26.7]
f: 23.6 [18.7-28.5]
g: 76.6 [69.6-83.7]
h: 63.6 [58.6-68.6]
i: 29.5 [19.5-39.5]
j: 31.3 [26.8-35.8]
k: 35.2 [29.9-40.6]
l: 37.7 [30.7-44.7]
m: 31.6 [24.3-39.0]
n: 17.7 [14.8-20.7]
o: 19.0 [14.9-23.0]
p: 15.9 [11.9-19.9]