Smoking status of male and female e-cigarette users

There were no differences between males and females in the percentages of users who were (daily or non-daily) smokers, for ever use (32.0%a of male users vs. 26.1%b of female users), past 30-day use (38.7%c vs. 33.4%d, respectively), or daily use (22.1%e vs. not reportable) of e-cigarettes.117-119

95% confidence intervals for in-text estimates

a: 32.0 [27.7-36.4]
b: 26.1 [21.6-30.6]
c: 38.7 [30.0-47.5]
d: 33.4 [24.4-42.4]
e: 22.1 [14.0-30.1]