2022 Arts Alumni Achievement Award recipient, Dr. Jillian Roberts (BA ‘91, History)

Dr. Jillian Roberts

As both an associate professor at the University of Victoria and the founder of MindKey Health Clinics, Dr. Jillian Roberts works toward bridging academia with industry and government to bring evidence-based, mental health practices to the whole community. Dr. Roberts has made impactful contributions to the humanities, as well as science and Canadian public life. She has authored 12 award-winning and best-selling children’s books to assist young readers in building resilience in today's complex world. Understanding that today’s youth play a critical role in our shared future, she is ensuring the younger generation is prepared for the challenges they will certainly face. Her clinical work also strives for excellence in mental health care within Indigenous communities.

Dr. Roberts has made leaps and bounds in making a social impact and assisting the whole of Canada to become more aware about the mental wellness needs of our children and the youth.