A Poem Without Words: student’s art on display in Dean’s Office

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Brush with Art from the Department of Fine Arts celebrates and exhibits the talent of Fine Arts students in key locations around the main university campus.

Each March, students majoring, minoring, or enrolled in a Fine Arts course are invited to submit a work. Three entries are selected by a committee for a one-year installation in each of the President’s Office, the Dean of Arts Office, and the Tatham Centre.  Each artist whose work is selected receives a $500 award.

Graduating student Jialing Wu's A Poem Without Words (2024) was selected for the 2024 Dean of Arts Brush with Art Award. Comprised of six digital prints on Sintra foam core, the artwork was also recently exhibited at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery (UWAG) for Nexus: 2024 Fourth-Year Exhibition.

Jailing Wu installing prints on wall
six digital prints on wall

Jialing Wu’s artist statement

“My work blends Chinese poetry with contemporary expression, using poems to connect tradition and modernity. By using the combination of photography and imaging software, I create digital paintings that explore nature, human emotions, and the interplay between the abstract and the figurative.

“Drawing inspiration from my travels, I capture diverse landscapes with people, that connect my culture and everyday life. The process begins by sharing poems with friends, family, or myself, and then inviting them to contribute a fitting photograph. These images serve as a creative springboard for my subsequent works.

“My work invites viewers to uncover emotional layers, rooted in personal experiences and cultural influences. Each piece reflects the complexity of human emotions, sentiment healing, and the expansive realms of contemplation. Through this exploration, I create a space for viewers to connect with the nuanced aspects of the human experience.”

coloured digital print with water and human figures
three digital prints featuring landscape and human figure

From the artist’s biography

After relocating from Beijing to Ontario in 2015, Jialing Wu pursued her passion for art through high school and later majored in Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo. Now, poised to continue her journey at the University of Toronto for graduate studies, Jia eagerly anticipates further exploration in the art and design industry. Her affinity for digital painting and photography serves as a natural extension of her artistic identity, facilitating endless experimentation and innovation as she bridges the gap between past experiences and future creative endeavours.

Brush with Art is led by Dr. Joan Coutu (Fine Arts) and is supported by the President’s Office, the Dean of Arts’ Office, and Co-operative Education and Experiential Learning. Read about the 2024 President’s Office Brush with Art Award.