Professor Imre Szeman joins shadow cabinet on environment and climate

Friday, July 9, 2021

This week Professor Imre Szeman assumed the role of the Green Party of Canada’s senior Climate Critic, a role within the party’s Shadow Cabinet for Environment and Climate Change. It is not an elected position but one that allows Szeman and other experts in the shadow cabinet to voice critical perspectives on Canada’s climate present and future.  

Imre Szeman

Szeman is a University Research Chair in environmental communication and a faculty member in the Department of Communication Arts. His work explores the social and cultural transformations required to bring about a transition to sustainable forms of energy. In 2020 he was named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, recognizing his international acclaim as a public-facing scholar and a pioneering expert in the field of energy humanities.

According to the Green Party announcement, “The Shadow Cabinet of the Green Party of Canada is an alternative cabinet which shadow/mirror government portfolios in most cases. Shadow Cabinet Critics play a vital role in promoting bold Green policies and priorities, serving as spokespeople for the Green Party, and offering policy solutions based on member-approved policies.”

Szeman adds that he expects his role will lead to the creation of future opportunities for students and student research in coming years.