Management Studies Minor

Prepare for a career in management!

Do you see yourself as a natural leader? When you work in a team, are you the one to delegate responsibility and keep the group project running smoothly? If so, a career in management might be your calling. 

Good managers are essential to any organization. With this minor, you will:

  • come to understand the critical role that management plays
  • learn to apply principal methods of management to workplace situations
  • cultivate your ability to make strategic decisions
  • have a greater understanding of where you can go in your career upon graduation


The Management Studies Minor is open to all students pursuing a degree, with the exception of students currently enrolled in or who have graduated from university business programs, plans or sub plans, including Waterloo "X and Business" programs. For more details, please refer to Invalid Credential Combinatons in the Undergraduate Calendar.  


The minor includes 8 courses with a minimum cumulative average of 65%. For more details on requirements, please refer to the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar.

  • Accounting information for managers - Designed for non-accountants who will use accounting information for planning, control and decision making.
  • Entrepreneurship and the Creative Workplace - Explore entrepreneurship as a key input to economic activity and review numerous perspectives of entrepreneurship. Get introduced to the basic tools available for use by the entrepreneur including the business model canvas. Explore the relationship between entrepreneurship and strategy as well as the design and implementation of an appropriate strategy in the context of the innovative firm.
  • Practical Business Skills - Get familiar with introductory business skills through the use of case studies.
  • Strategy and Program Integration - A capstone course designed to integrate components of the minor that incorporate the principles of strategy for the purpose of enabling you to effectively position yourself for opportunities after graduation.
  • Introduction to Microeconomics - Learn how the Canadian economy affects companies. Consumer behaviour, supply and demand and the role of government policy in the functioning of the market system are the main topics covered.
  • Principles of Marketing - Gain a broad understanding of the field of marketing, including consumer behaviour, segmentation, targeting, positioning, branding and the marketing mix. Learn how organizations identify the needs of potential consumers and create and deliver value to these consumers through the marketing process.
  • One statistics course - Learn to analyze numerical data in one of several approved statistics courses.

And one of the following courses:

  • Basic Human Resources Management - Examines the major areas of human resources administration including recruiting, salary administration, labour relations, benefits administration, employee relations, labour law, and organizational behaviour.
  • Organizational Behaviour - Introduction to the concepts fo learning, person perception, attitudes and motivation in an organization. Consideration of communication, roles, norms and decision making within a group. Discussion of power, control, leadership and management in light of the above concepts.
  • Organizational Psychology - Survey of organizational, group and individual processes involved in work motivation, group dynamics, leadership, organizational climate and organizational culture.

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