Brian Forrest, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2000

Pure Mathematics

Professor Brian Forrest has the ability to convey the beauty and elegance of mathematics to students at all levels. He has demonstrated this skill over a wide range of courses, from large first year calculus classes to small graduate courses, as well as in the supervision of his graduate students. His courses are rigorous and demanding, but his excitement and enthusiasm for teaching mathematics is contagious, ensuring that students actually understand the material rather than just memorize it. As an undergraduate advisor, and now as the chair of the Department of Pure Mathematics, Brian Forrest has been active and effective in curriculum development, and he has taken a lead role in recent changes in the department. In 1995, he helped initiate a very successful teaching workshop for pure mathematics graduate students, in order to develop their teaching skills. Many students have commented on his readiness to talk to them about their courses or their studies, and the encouragement they have received. Brian Forrest is dedicated to all his students, and he does everything he can to help them succeed at university.