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Student Podcasting as Project-Based Learning in Science Communication

Grant recipient:

David Janzen, Communication Arts

(Project timeline: January 2019-December 2020)


This project employs student podcasting to examine how, and to what extent, creative project-based learning (PBL) contributes to the newly implemented UW Undergraduate Communications Outcomes (UCO). Students in SCCOM 100: Communication in the Sciences will work in groups to develop a podcast series of five weekly episodes that communicates scientific ideas to the general public. Assignment scaffolding will be provided by the instructor, along with workshops ensuring students have the necessary tools. However, projects will be student-led and will promote an advanced degree of the self-guided and collaborative learning that promotes deep learning; groups will make decisions on the theme and title of the podcast, the content, and the division of tasks amongst group members.

Developing this research as part of the newly implemented SCCOM 100, our aim is to examine and maximize the potential of PBL in achieving the UCO aims of comprehension, conceptualization, and contextualization.

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