New Faculty Teaching Days

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 1:00 pm - Wednesday, August 12, 2020 3:00 pm EDT

Location : Online

The Centre for Teaching Excellence will be hosting our annual New Faculty Teaching Days on Tuesday, August 4 to Friday, August 12, 2020. This event is intended for all new faculty who have arrived since September 1st of last year (2019) as well as any new faculty who were unable to attend our sessions last year or are new to their current teaching assignment.

These days in August allow instructors to complete a series of workshops. This year’s sessions will start by focusing on our students in Who Are Our Learners? (Tuesday, August 4, 2020 from 1 -2 pm), followed by a special offering of CTE's Remote Course Design Essentials (ReCoDE) short course (synchronous meetings will occur on Wednesday, August 5th, at 10 am and Friday, August 7th, at 10 am) and concluding with a session on Copyright, Library Services and Academic Integrity on the last day (Wednesday, August 12, 2020 from 1 -2 pm)

Registration for these new faculty offerings will be by invitation through the new faculty list serve. For more information, please contact Monica Vesely

CTE9910 Who Are Our Learners
Rumours abound about "students today" and, more locally, about "Waterloo students." This session provides an overview of general learner characteristics and expectations as well as more specifically at Waterloo to help you to better plan your teaching. The session will begin with a presentation which will be followed by an informal Q & A period to address your needs.

Erin Jobidon, Academic Development Specialist, Student Success Office
David Thiessen, Educational Developer, Curriculum & Quality Enhancement, Centre for Teaching Excellence
Monica Vesely, Educational Developer, Faculty Programs and Consulting, Centre for Teaching Excellence

CTE8000 New Faculty Remote Course Design Essentials (ReCoDE)

Remote Course Design Essentials (ReCoDE) guides participants through a series of asynchronous and synchronous activities designed to help instructors prepare to teach remotely. Participants will discuss remote teaching principles and will align key learning outcomes to assessments and teaching activities. There is also a strong emphasis on using LEARN effectively, including understanding its assessment and teaching tools. The synchronous components will allow for full group discussions with other participants and the facilitator to ask questions and share course design ideas.

Please note: Although ReCoDE runs over a five-day period, it is not a 5-day workshop. The content and expected effort are approximately equivalent to a full-day workshop, but spread over five days so that you can move at your own pace. The actual time commitment will vary depending on what you want to accomplish when designing your remote course. 

The two live, synchronous sessions will occur on Wednesday, August 5th, at 10 am and Friday, August 7th, at 10 am.

This workshop is intended for instructors who have a specific course(s) assigned to them. It will requires instructors to have, at minimum, a course description and ideally, a course outline. Before the commencement of ReCoDE instructors will be asked to identify the knowledge and skills developed in their course that are absolutely key – the “must have” rather than the “nice to have.” For a more detailed description of daily activities, please see below.

Part 1 begins with a facilitated hour-long welcome and let's get started synchronous session with peers and facilitators. We will focus on principles of remote teaching and participants will work towards developing key learning outcomes.

Part 2 will provide an opportunity to identify assessments that align with the learning outcomes. After watching the recorded lesson primer, instructors will explore a selection of short screencasts of LEARN assessment tools.  

Part 3 includes a synchronous discussion session with peers and facilitators, a recorded lesson primer and the opportunity to consider how best to use the available tools to bring to life teaching activities that support achievement of course learning outcomes and aid students in completing the course assessments.

Part 4 will focus on communication and social presence within the remote course environment and features consideration of asynchronous and synchronous approaches. Participants will encouraged to create a weekly schedules for their students, determine how they will share their content with students, plan their communication strategy and incorporate opportunities for connection in the remote environment. 

Part 5 will conclude the course, with an examination of  how the course design elements align with one another. Participants will use course planning matrices to map out their key learning outcomes, assessments and teaching activities to demonstrate this alignment.

Throughout, participants will be able to raise questions and discuss their course design ideas with their colleagues and ReCoDE facilitators on discussion boards within LEARN.

CTE9919 Copyright, Library Services and Academic Integrity

In this session, Amanda McKenzie,  Quality Assurance (Academic Programs) Director, will speak to academic integrity at Waterloo and Mike Chee, Instructional Design Librarian, and his colleagues will discuss how librarians can help you integrate information literacy into your courses and address copyright responsibilities. Mike will be joined by a panel of his colleagues - University Librarian, Beth Sandore Namachchivaya, Copyright and Licensing Specialist, Lauren Byl and Liaison Librarian, Kate Mercer. The session will begin with presentations and will be followed by an informal Q & A period to address your needs.

Amanda McKenzie, Director, Quality Assurance (Academic Programs)
Beth Sandore Namachchivaya: University Librarian
Mike Chee: Learning, Teaching, and Instructional Design Librarian
Lauren Byl: Copyright and Licensing Librarian
Kate Mercer: Librarian (Systems Design Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Earth & Environmental Sciences)