James Barnett, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2006


Professor James Barnett’s total record in teaching is one of continuing excellence. He is respected for his vast knowledge of income taxation, yet he creates a learning environment that is friendly and exciting. He has the ability to present very complex material in a way that his students can understand, learn and apply in practice. They remember what he has taught well after graduation. His students appreciate his thorough preparation for every class in every course. He engages his students in an active learning process that motivates their participation with his untiring enthusiasm for his subject and a sense of humour. He treats students with respect, empathy and compassion. He exhibits extreme patience and a genuine concern for the academic and personal growth of his students. Professor Barnett is a leader in tax education, developing and constantly improving courses and materials that are unique in accounting education and his approach that blends his considerable professional experience with academic content and technology. He has acted as a facilitator in the Teaching Excellence Academy to promote teaching excellence on campus.