Jane Irvine, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2008


Jane Irvine joined the Faculty of Environmental Studies in 1989. As an assistant professor in the geography department, she has taught courses such as Geomorphology and Southern Ontario Environment, Coastal Geomorphology, and Physical Geography. Professor Irvine has demonstrated a passion for teaching and mentoring her students. They enjoy her lectures because she uses many examples from her own field experience as a researcher. Jane has taken her students on many field trips, which have been very helpful in reinforcing the concepts that they learn in class. She has also been involved in the 'Waterloo Unlimited' high school outreach. Professor Irvine encourages interactions among her students. She dedicates her time and energy to her students, and is genuinely engaged in a way that brings out the best in them. When other professors and colleagues of Jane's ask her students about a geomorphological process, the students end their responses with, “Jane taught us that.”