Nancy Vanden Bosch, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2010

Accounting and Finance

Professor Nancy Vanden Bosch is truly passionate about helping students learn. In the classroom her enthusiasm for business strategy has motivated her students to learn. She constantly challenges them to do more; she never simply provides them with the answers. Her questions provoke discussion, further thought and deeper understanding. Nancy delivers the theory and techniques, integrated with her extensive experience, in a highly accessible and meaningful manner. She makes a real impact by not only helping the students understand the course material but also allowing them to see how they can apply this material to make a difference in their world. Outside of the classroom she always accepts the invitation to interact with students and share her experiences and expertise with them. In the school of accounting and finance, Nancy leads the implementation of our learning model which is an extensive re-design of our undergraduate program. A key purpose of this re-design is to help students learn how to take what they have already learned and apply it to resolve issues across a variety of functional disciplines.