Richardus (Dick) van Heeswijk

Electrical Engineering

Richardus (Dick) van Heeswijk has taught in the electrical engineering department since 1961. His specialty is in the area of high voltage engineering – a very challenging environment in which to teach. Not only are the contents complex, but they do not often attract students in droves. Yet, in the face of this adversity, professor Van Heeswijk’s courses consistently receive outstanding ratings. One student writes: “Professor van Heeswijk deserves to be recognized for teaching, professionalism, dedication and support, both in and out of the classroom.” He brings an enthusiasm and passion to the classroom which is infectious, and he is well-known for his approachability and good nature. Richardus van Heeswijk is a teacher who has a lasting impact on his students. One of his colleagues spoke with pride of how, when meeting electrical alumni outside of the university, a first question is almost invariably “Is Richardus van Heeswijk still teaching, and how is he doing?” The answer to the first part thankfully, is a resounding “yes,” and as to the second, I hope it has become apparent that he is “DOING” – magnificently.

[Professor van Heeswijk died in 2018]