Susan M. Cash, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1995


Susan Cash has been a member of the dance department since 1987. She is a widely respected professional modern dance performer, teacher and choreographer whose work is known across Canada. Professor Cash's continuing artistic output and academic growth have made her a master teacher whose classes in dance technique, composition, and production offer ongoing challenges to her students. She encourages them to take risks, and to stretch both physically and intellectually. Her expert knowledge and her passion for the art of dance inspire confidence and strength. The following student tributes are typical: “Susan Cash has the special talent of teaching one how to learn.” “She brings out the best in all her students by encouraging us to explore and reveal our own unique potential.” Susan's work with medical practitioners treating movement disorders in dancers and musicians has added a unique dimension to her classes in dance technique. Based on awareness of good body mechanics, students are encouraged to question traditional teaching methods. She promotes two-way communication through which they actively explore alternative solutions. By producing and directing the annual dance department concert. Professor Cash provides students with opportunities to apply classroom knowledge, hone performance skills, and make connections with other fine and performing arts across campus. She willingly spends extra hours in and out of the classroom, instilling in her students a love of and appreciation for hard work, determination, and self-discipline. Alumni remark on her genuine interest in the progress of their careers, and praise her ongoing mentorship and constructive feedback. Several have become colleagues who continue to seek her input and guidance.