Vera Golini, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2004

Italian, St. Jerome's University

Since 1975, Vera Golini has contributed to students' knowledge and the curriculum in a diverse number of ways, both as an instructor of Italian at St. Jerome's University and as the director of women's studies since 1997. Dr. Golini has a genuine interest and concern for her students. The courses taught by Dr. Golini include Introductory Italian (Ital 101), Italian Culture and Civilization (Ital 292), Italian Novel and Cinema (Ital 391) and Modern Italian Poetry and Theatre (Ital 392). In 1981, she introduced the minor in Italian studies. Dr. Golini teaches with “infectious enthusiasm,” wit and clarity. Her classes allow individuals to embrace the Italian culture by introducing them to Italian foods, music, fashion, language and Italian arts including theatre and artwork. Her dedication to both departments is recognized through her extensive involvement on numerous committees. Her work outside the university is also highly regarded. Vera has “a wonderful way of elegantly promoting Italian language and culture” through her work on various external committees such as the Italian Cortina Club. Professor Golini's belief in the power of education and her passion for life touch all who interact with her.