Wei-Chau Xie, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2007

Civil and Environmental Engineering

In the eyes of students, why is professor Wei-Chau Xie a most distinguished teacher? First of all, his qualities include genuine care and respect for his students and a passion for their success. Then, there is his superb ability to convey to the students the essence of that which they hope to learn. Naturally, creativity, dynamism and good communication are essentials. Professor Wei-Chau Xie is widely known among his students for his extremely well organized lectures and a legendary talent for blackboard presentation. As a result, he has the magic to make difficult materials easy to understand. More impressively, professor Wei-Chau Xie touches both the hearts and minds of his students. He gives generously of his time and attention, guiding them with care, giving them confidence for their ultimate success. It has been said the distinguishing mark of a good teacher is to have what a student needs and the ability to provide it. For a great teacher, it takes all of the above plus the transmission of a love of learning and enquiry. Is professor Wei-Chau Xie a great teacher? His students and colleagues most emphatically agree.