Course Code: CTE906

Description: What will you do when a student arrives late to your class? Disturbs others in the class with inappropriate laptop use? Tells you that your course is much harder than all their other courses? These are everyday issues that every faculty member will experience. At this workshop, you will become aware of common issues in classroom dynamics and will work to devise strategies to handle these issues. We will also consider the impacts of the potential strategies developed in terms of learner motivation and engagement

Learning Outcomes:  After the session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify issues in classroom dynamics and engagement
  • Devise strategies to handle these issues and engage or re-engage learners
  • Consider the implications of these strategies 
  • Know where to locate relevant Waterloo policies 


Support Units

  • AccessAbility Services. This unit provides services and support for University of Waterloo students who have a permanent or temporary disability. 
  • Counselling Services. This unit supports the personal and interpersonal needs of students, staff, and instructors. 
  • Office of Academic Integrity. This unit works with faculties, extra-curricular associations, and academic support units to provide information and resources necessary for making integrity-aligned decisions. 

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