Questions about studying at Waterloo as a Black student?

Akua Asare Anim (she/her)

International Recruitment Specialist
Marketing & Undergraduate recruitment

Ask Akua about

  • Waterloo's 100+ programs and admission requirements,
  • life in Canada and the campus experience,
  • paying for university,
  • the Black student experience and community,
  • gaining hands-on work experience through co-op, or
  • anything in between!

Get to know Akua

What I love about my job...

I have always enjoyed working with the youth and learning about their goals and aspirations, and supporting them along the way. I often joke about gaining the opportunity to live vicariously through their experiences. In my role, I am privileged to work with students from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Some of whom I have been fortunate enough to journey with through their four years of education. Others I have met along the way and others at the start. Regardless of the stage, I have gotten to work with some amazing students and being a part of these experiences never gets old.

My favourite memory from my time as a Waterloo student...

I thoroughly enjoyed my fourth-year placement in Vietnam because it challenged my perspectives and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Most importantly, I gained a new appreciation of a culture very different but seamlessly similar to my own. The placement awakened my interest in working with students, gender, multiculturalism, and immigration. In the midst of life's challenges and triumphs, I grew into the person I am today. The moral of the story, I gained an entirely new appreciation for life outside my comfort zone.

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