73 questions with a Waterloo Recreation and Leisure Studies student

Curious about Recreation and Leisure Studies? Get real info about the program from Lauren, a current Recreation and Leisure Studies student.

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What are the three majors in the Recreation and Leisure Studies program?

How I knew a Recreation and Leisure Studies program was right for me

Why I chose Waterloo’s Recreation and Leisure Studies program


What’s co-op like in Recreation and Leisure Studies?

What are my career options after I graduate?

What are the courses and professors like?

Some key takeaways from Lauren

What are the three majors in Recreation and Leisure Studies?

  1. Therapeutic Recreation
  2. Recreation and Sport Business
  3. Recreation and Leisure Studies

You choose a major right away on OUAC when applying to the Recreation and Leisure Studies program.

How are they different?

Therapeutic Recreation focuses more on rehabilitation. Recreation and Sport Business focuses more on the sports industry. And Recreation and Leisure Studies is more of a generic and broader program and you have the most flexibility.

How do you describe Recreation and Leisure Studies to people who ask what you’re studying?

I would say it’s any activity that impacts or improves the quality of life for others. Everything can be leisure except for work and school.

Who is this program a good fit for, in your opinion?

I would say anyone who wants to help others. And has a passion for sports and recreation activities.

Do you feel like you’ll have job opportunities after you graduate?

Yes! And I feel ready to enter the workforce. My co-op opportunities have prepared me for it.

Favourite part of co-op?

Figuring out what I like…and what I DON’T like!

Favourite thing about your profs?

Their approachability! I’ve visited them during office hours and they’ve helped me with assignments and mid-term questions.

Tips for high school students worried about managing their workload at university?

Stay organized and don’t leave assignments to the last minute!

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