Inside Kinesiology's School of Anatomy

One of the most fascinating learning scenarios that first-year Kin students are exposed to at Waterloo is the unique ability to study anatomy using donated human bodies (cadavers).

Waterloo is among just a handful of universities in Canada that gives first-year students this kind of hands-on experience.

Tamara Maciel is the Senior Laboratory Demonstrator for the School of Anatomy and she takes pride in teaching in the human anatomy lab for KIN 100 (required course that all first-year Kin students take) and helping her students build the skills they need if they want to pursue a career in health or medicine.

Kinesiology students studying with a cadaver

Tamara thinks learning anatomy is a lot like learning a new language: it requires practice and repetition. But Tamara tries to make learning anatomy as practical and hands-on as possible by focusing on concepts, logical relationships, and experiential learning.

There are no substitutes for the real thing.

While anatomy apps for mobile devices can supplement this experiential learning, Tamara admits she is a bit old school, she says “there are no substitutes for the real thing.”

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Get an inside look at Waterloo’s School of Anatomy and meet Tamara by watching this video.


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