Information for performance appraisals

When writing the performance evaluation document you need to make sure it based on factual data, collected from a number of sources. Be careful not to base the evaluation solely on your own observations and beliefs.

Performance evaluations are subjective in nature so by using multiple sources you are making the process more objective than if you don’t.

The information gathered should be processed and the comments balanced using real examples to support your points.

Below is a sample list of data sources that could be used

  • Goals which you and the employee planned at the beginning of the yea
  • Feedback from other supervisors or managers who have worked with the employee through the year on special projects, committees, etc.
  • Progress reports, email and memos related to the employee’s performance
  • Notes you made through the year after discussions with the employee on specific issues
  • Commendations and recognition received from other people
  • Disciplinary action that occurred during the review period
  • Quantitative performance records that were tracked during the year and can be linked directly to the employee performance
  • Changes that may have impacted the employee through the year including re-organization, turnover, change in strategic direction