Repeating Psychology courses

Faculty level policies

Each Faculty has rules regarding repeating courses that were previously passed or failed. Consult the Undergraduate calendar for details:

Department of Psychology polices

These rules are in addition to the Faculty level rules above. 

The Department of Psychology typically does not allow students to repeat Psychology courses that have passing grades (or to take any corresponding cross-listed courses) if the purpose for doing so is to boost the cumulative psychology average:

  • to gain admission to a particular psychology program,  
  • to gain admission to a particular psychology course (e.g., PSYCH 391 or PSYCH 499),
  • to meet the minimum cumulative psychology average required to graduate with a Psychology Major or Psychology Minor.

To demonstrate academic improvement, please choose a PSYCH course(s) that you do not have credit for already. If hoping to show improvement in a particular domain of psychology, see course offerings by area of psychology for suggestions.

Appeals to repeat psychology courses that have passing grades

Appeals to enrol a second time in a PSYCH course must be supported and approved in writing by all of the following (in the order listed) prior to enrolling in the PSYCH course the second time:

  1. either the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Affairs in the Department of Psychology  or the Psychology Undergraduate Advisor
  2. the course instructor,
  3. the Examinations and Standings Committee for your home Faculty. Submit the request on a petition for exception to academic regulations form 70A

If the appeal is granted, the Department of Psychology reserves the right to suppress the final grade for the second attempt from the cumulative average calculations.