HRM club

The UW HRM Club is a group of students interested in Human Resources Management. The club focuses primarily on sending a group of students to compete at the Excalibur Canadian university competition in human resources.

This annual national tournament involves a case study competition related to human resources issues and brings human resources management students together with university faculty and HR professionals. The tournament is held every March in Montreal. It offers fantastic networking opportunities, challenging HRM scenarios, and all-round awesome experience both professionally and personally.

The UW HRM club is gearing up to recruit HRM students for the Excalibur 2010 team. Moreover, the UW HRM Club is interested in growing and changing as a club and wants to hear from you. Essentially we are looking to re-invent ourselves as a club but we need innovative, energetic, and talented individuals like yourself to help shape and guide our future.

If you're interested in hearing more about Excalibur, joining the HRM Club or talking with other students interested in Human Resources, you are encouraged to contact Sean Schofield-Hurwitz ( or Stephanie Mills (