President and CEO of iLogic

Victor Cheng.Don’t let Victor Cheng’s quiet demeanour and humble spirit fool you. He has an intense passion and drive and understands that owning your own business is something one should never take lightly. President and CEO of iLogic, a Toronto-based reusable asset management software company, Cheng knows that he is ultimately responsible for his own fate and that the decisions he makes affect the livelihood of his people.

After completing an undergraduate degree in business administration at the University of Wisconsin, Cheng’s passion for camping and leisure led him to the Master of Recreation and Leisure Studies program. He was attracted to Waterloo because of the relatively new program, in a new field of study that was encouraging students to critically examine the various perspectives on quality of life. That struck a chord with Cheng who wasn’t satisfied with an education based on skills training alone. He attributes the ability to think critically and holistically — how to ask the right questions, interpret statistics, and discern the really important information — to his university days, and depends on these skills daily.

Diversity has also proven key throughout Cheng’s 35 years in the IT business. He has adapted iLogic’s business model, from initially developing innovative IT solutions and networks to assist recreation professionals and organizations across Canada to now providing reusable asset management software, managing millions of assets and transactions, resulting in substantial financial and environmental savings for hundreds of companies throughout North America.

Cheng never wants to be static. He’s always looking for game-changing innovation and keeps the global perspective in the forefront of every decision he makes.

Outside of work, Cheng has remained connected to AHS and Waterloo as a member of the Dean’s Advisory Committee and the Waterloo Alumni Council. In 2008, he received the AHS Alumni Achievement Award for his contributions to the health and well-being of society. His personal philosophy? “Remain true to yourself. Be consistent in every aspect of your work, your personal and professional relationships, and live out those core values each and every day.”

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