Double degree plans

Two degrees in one

Within the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, students can combine the following majors into a double degree plan:

It's like a joint honours degree within our own department. You will have the necessary backgrounds in both areas to prepare for a career in either area, or a career that blends the best of both worlds.

You must have successfully completed your first year in Recreation and Leisure Studies Honours and be in good standing (minimum cumulative averages of 65% overall and 70% major) before you can be admitted to a double degree plan. The program may be completed either through the co-op or regular stream.

It is strongly recommended that students interested in the Double Degree program speak to an academic advisor when choosing their second year courses to ensure that proper sequencing of all course requirements are met.

Although it may be possible to complete the double degree in as few as 20 units, students often complete more than the minimum 20 units required. The academic advisor will review the specific requirements with you for the double degree combination that you wish to pursue.

Note: you must maintain minimum cumulative averages of 65% overall and 70% major to remain in a double degree program.