Transfer to Recreation and Leisure Studies

From another university

If you are currently an undergraduate student at another university or college you will be applying for an external transfer. For admission requirements and application instructions, see Future undergraduate students - applying.

Wondering if this is the right program for you? Want to arrange a visit to campus? Contact our Undergraduate Recruitment Co-ordinator.

From another program at University of Waterloo

To be considered for transfer into a BA Recreation and Leisure Studies program, you must have completed a minimum of two major courses (i.e., two "REC" courses per the University undergraduate course calendar), as well as at least three of the courses required for the degree.

All applicants must meet the high school admission requirements for your program of choice; however, admission decisions will also be based on strength of past university performance.

Internal transfer students are advised to make an appointment with the Faculty of Health's Student Services Coordinator to discuss admissibility, the transfer process, and future course plans.

If you're applying for internal transfer, you'll be asked to complete a Plan Modification/Application for Internal Transfer Form available from the registrar office enrolment forms page. Applications must be submitted to the Student Services Coordinator two months prior to the start of the term you wish to enter.

Transfer credits

Transfer credits are assessed based on equivalency to courses offered by the University of Waterloo, or in some cases may be assigned as a miscellaneous credit if we do not offer an equivalent course. The transfer credit policy for Faculty of Health programs provides two options for internal transfer students, while all students transferring from another college or university are processed under option two only.