Joint Honours degree plans

Students in Recreation and Leisure Studies honours-level plans may choose to complete a Joint Honours degree. This provides you with an opportunity to complete two degrees in one by completing the degree requirements of both departments. Most joint honours degrees consist of a minimum of 20-22 units (40-44 courses).

The requirements for a joint honours degree are determined by the two departments offering the honours degree plans. The Undergraduate Calendar outlines the joint honours degree requirements for each plan in most departments. The average requirements are as follows:

  • The minimum cumulative overall average required is that of your home department (i.e., the one listed as your first plan; 65% for Recreation and Leisure Studies students). This average is calculated based on all courses completed.
  • The major average requirements apply to each of the joint honours plans (for example, a minimum 70% cumulative major average of all of your REC courses is required; Arts plans often have a 75% cumulative major average for the joint honours plan courses).

It is strongly recommended that students interested in a Joint Honours Degree speak to an academic advisor when choosing their second year courses.

It is important to sequence your course requirements for both departments to ensure that you will meet all of the joint degree requirements without having to take too many "extra" courses above the minimum required.

It is also important to continue to meet regularly with advisors from both departments throughout the remainder of your degree to ensure you will have completed all the necessary requirements to graduate with the joint honours degree.

You should enroll in the Joint Honours plan sometime during your second or third year to facilitate enrollment in the required courses in the other plan that may be restricted to students in that plan only. This can be done by completing a Plan Modification Form from the registrar's office and submitting it to the Undergraduate Office in B.C. Matthews Hall, room 2201.

The following are the approved Joint Honours degree plans available to students in Recreation and Leisure Studies plans. See the academic advisor to confirm degree requirements for the joint honours plan of interest to you, or if one of interest does not appear in the list below.

Joint Honours with Recreation and Leisure Studies

  • English
  • Environment, Resource and Sustainability
  • Geography and Environmental Management
  • History
  • Legal Studies
  • Music
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Social Development Studies
  • Sociology
  • Speech Communication
  • Theatre and Performance 

Joint Honours with Recreation and Sport Business

  • Speech Communication 

Joint Honours with Therapeutic Recreation

  • Fine Arts
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies