Anti-racism efforts across campus

In the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies (RLS) we work to create bridges to consciousness, power and community. See how we’re talking about justice…

Student and faculty spotlights

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FOHCUS Let's talk anti-racism pocast: anti-Asian racism in Canada with Christina Pham

Christina Pham who shares her own experience with racism and how she and her family are coping with recent events. 

FOHCUS Let's talk anti-racism podcast: identity politics with Lisbeth Berbary

Lisbeth Berbary takes us through the concept of identity politics and becoming a co-activator.

FOHCUS Let's talk anti-racism podcast: coalition building with Lisbeth Berbary

Lisbeth Berbary explains the importance of coalition building and community.

FOHCUS Let's talk anti-racism podcast: faculty initiatives and campus resources

Christina Pham, Dean Lili Liu, and Lisbeth Berbary speak about Faculty of Health Initiatives and Campus Resources.

The Curve Podcast: moving beyond your own reality with Christopher Taylor and Lisbeth Berbary

Lisbeth Berbary drops knowledge on how she challenges students to think beyond themselves (their Self) to be able to engage critically with the world around them and re-think how the institutions they love define them.

The Curve Podcast: So nice, we do it twice: the ultimate pod part II with Christopher Taylor & Edmond Un

University of Waterloo student Edmund Un and all-around 'Renaissance Man' Remi Ojo to chat speak on topics about sinophobia and anti-Asian racism, being 'Black' and one of the best Ultimate players in Canada, and what's next for both of their careers.

The Curve Podcast: Pro athletes in North America need to thank (and pay) Curt Flood

University of Waterloo Professor Craig Fortier kicks it with Christopher Taylor to chat about the history of baseball, labour and social justice movements, Curt Flood, and the (literal and figurative) boundaries in baseball.

Community partners

Spotlight on Land Back Camp at Laurel Creek