Partners transforming curling


Working to understand the past and present of curling to create inclusive futures

Partners Transforming Curling (PTC) is a collaboration between community sport researchers from several academic institutions and curling stakeholders. Our partnership includes Curling Canada, the World Curling Federation, provincial curling organizations, local curling clubs, non-profits and other organizations that are driving change in curling.

The sport of curling has been popular in Canada since before Confederation. PTC is working to tell the story of the social development of curling over time and across the country. We are interested in using the knowledge of the past and present to create inclusive futures.

Project goals

  1. Understand the historical evolution of curling in Canada
  2. Document contemporary facilitators and barriers to curling experienced by those made marginal by the structure of the sport
  3. Critically assess current efforts of curling stakeholders as they work to restructure their sport
  4. Produce materials and resources (e.g., toolkits) to help make curling more inclusive and welcoming for all participants
  5. Share the understandings, insights, and resources generated by this case study with stakeholders across curling and other Canadian sport venue

Meet the partners

The director of Partners Transforming Curling is Dr. Heather Mair. Meet the academic team and partner organizations

PTC is supported in part by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Partnership Development Grant (file #890-2022-0050), as well as Curling Canada and other project partners.

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