Shaw-Mannell Leisure Research Award

Established in 2010, the Shaw-Mannell Leisure Research Award commemorates the outstanding contributions of two Waterloo faculty members, Susan M. Shaw and Roger C. Mannell, recognizing outstanding individual career research achievements that have influenced leisure scholarship at the University of Waterloo.

Sue Shaw retired in 2011 following an esteemed 20-year career at Waterloo. "Much of what we know of leisure and gender can be traced to Sue's work," explains Department Chair Mark Havitz. "She has pioneered research on time use and time stress; the intersection of work, leisure and family; and changing ideologies of motherhood and fatherhood."

Roger Mannell retired in 2013 from a career which has led the forefront in the social psychology of leisure and theories of play for children and adolescents.

Award criteria

Nominees are put forward by members of the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, and must embody one or more of the attributes characteristic of the University of Waterloo, namely their research must be innovative, creative, collaborative, courageous, risky, critical, unconventional, and/or connected. In addition, the following are also considered:

  • career contributions to the study of leisure, broadly defined and inclusive of areas such as, but not limited to, tourism, therapeutic recreation, recreation business, and parks;
  • influence on leisure scholarship at the University of Waterloo; and
  • international contributions to leisure studies.

Normally only one award will be given out per year; in exceptional circumstances a second award may be given.

Award recipients

Year Recipient Name Home University and Department
Shaw-Mannell award recipients
2010 Ed Jackson University of Alberta, Department of Physical Education and Recreation
2011 Karla Henderson North Carolina State University, Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
2012 Wendy Frisby University of British Columbia, School of Kinesiology
2013 Richard Butler University of Strathclyde, Strathclyde Business School
2014 Charles Sylvester Western Washington University, Department of Physical Education, Health, and Recreation
2015 Simone Fullagar University of Bath, Physical Cultural Studies Research Group, Department for Health
2016 Nigel Morgan University of Surrey, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
2017 B. Dana Kivel California State University Sacramento, Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration
2017 Douglas Kleiber University of Georgia, Department of Counseling and Human Development Services
2018 Gerard Kyle Texas A&M University, Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences
2019 Daniel Dustin The University of Utah, Department of Health, Kinesiology and Recreation
2020 Rasul Mowatt Indiana University Bloomington, Department of Geography
2021 Lucie Thibault University of Ottawa, Faculty of Health Sciences
2022 Karen Fox  University of Alberta, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation 
2023 William Stewart University of Illinois, Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism