Faculty members in Recreation and Leisure Studies have received significant honours in recognition of their contributions, especially with respect to research and scholarship, including:

Fellow of the Academy of Leisure Sciences

The Academy of Leisure Sciences was founded in 1980 to honor scholars who had made significant contributions, through their research and writings, to the field of leisure sciences. The following department members have been elected as Fellows of the Academy.

Elliott Avedon (Professor Emeritus)
Sherry Dupuis
Troy Glover
Mark Havitz (Distinguished Professor Emeritus)
Corey Johnson
Roger Mannell (Distinguished Professor Emeritus)
Ron McCarville (Professor Emeritus)
Diana Parry
Alison Pedlar (Distinguished Professor Emerita)
Sue Shaw (Distinguished Professor Emerita)
Bryan Smale (Professor Emeritus)
Stephen Smith (Professor Emeritus)
Jiri Zuzanek (Distinguished Professor Emeritus)

Fellow of the World Leisure Academy

Mark Havitz (Distinguished Professor Emeritus)
Sue Shaw (Distinguished Professor Emerita)

Fellow of the International Statistical Institute

Stephen Smith (Professor Emeritus)

Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism

Stephen Smith (Professor Emeritus)

Certificate of Merit, Canadian Minister of the Environment

Paul Eagles (Distinguished Professor Emeritus)

Jack Pearse Award of Honor, Canadian Camping Association

Troy Glover (2012)

Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt Research Excellence Award

Mark Havitz (Distinguished Professor Emeritus)
Roger Mannell (Distinguished Professor Emeritus)
Sue Shaw (Distinguished Professor Emerita)

Ontario Early Researcher Award

Steven Mock (2014)
Bryan Grimwood (2016)

Allen V. Sapora Research Award

Roger Mannell (Distinguished Professor Emeritus)
Sue Shaw (Distinguished Professor Emerita)

Special Recognition Award for Excellence in Research, Alzheimer Society of Canada

Sherry Dupuis (2009)

Rose Dobrof Award, Best Article in Journal of Gerontological Social Work

Sherry Dupuis (2007)

Patient Commando's Canadian Women Changing Health Care

Sherry Dupuis (2014)

​Research Chair of Rural Community Development and Wellbeing for the Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health

Heather Mair

Jenny Penney Oliver Diversity Award, University of Georgia

Corey Johnson (2015)

​Awesome Scholar in Tourism, Awarded by Women Academics in Tourism (WAiT)

Bryan Grimwood (2018)

Emerging Leisure Scholar Award, Canadian Association for Leisure Studies (CALS)

Bryan Grimwood (2018)
Kimberly Lopez (2020)

Leisure Scholar Award, Canadian Association for Leisure Studies (CALS)

Mark Havitz (2021) (Distinguished Professor Emeritus)

Equity and Inclusivity Award, University of Waterloo Faculty Association

Corey Johnson (2019)

Hall of Heroes Leadership Award

Bryan Smale (2020) (Professor Emeritus)

Distinguished Researcher Award, The Academy of Leisure Sciences (TALS)

Corey Johnson (2021)

University of Waterloo University Research Chair

Sherry Dupuis (2021)

University of Waterloo Outstanding Performance Award

Lisbeth Berbary (2017)
Sherry Dupuis (2005, 2010, 2013)
Paul Eagles (2007, Distinguished Professor Emeritus)
Leeann Ferries (2015, 2020)
Troy Glover (2013)
Bryan Grimwood (2014, 2020)
Mark Havitz (2009, Distinguished Professor Emeritus)
Corey Johnson (2016)
Heather Mair (2014, 2019)
Katie Misener (2018, 2021)
Steve Mock (2012, 2016)
Diana Parry (2006, 2015)
Alison Pedlar (2004, Distinguished Professor Emerita)
Luke Potwarka (2019)
Zara Rafferty (2018)
Bryan Smale (2006, Professor Emeritus)
Stephen Smith (2008, Professor Emeritus)