MA Recreation and Leisure Studies (coursework)

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A new way of working toward your MA Recreation and Leisure Studies

The Master of Arts degree program in Recreation and Leisure Studies offers the opportunity to study leisure and leisure behaviour from a variety of social science perspectives. 

The coursework option allows students to address a wide range of practical issues related to leisure, recreation, well-being and quality of life in a flexible, interdisciplinary, course-based curriculum

Application deadline 

  • February 1. Late applications will be reviewed and considered until June 1.

Program overview

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The MA Recreation and Leisure Studies coursework degree program examines:

  • theories and concepts of leisure
  • contributions by the social sciences and humanities to the field
  • application of theories, methods and models associated with leisure in contemporary society

The MA program is intended for students who have demonstrated strong academic abilities at the undergraduate level.

Admission requirements | How to apply | Tuition fees | Living costs


  • Coursework-based | On campus*
  • 3 terms | 1 year (full-time)
  • 8 terms | 2 and two-thirds years (part-time)
  • No thesis required

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Students complete eight courses over their program.

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Student stories 

Growing up on a Caribbean Island, it was always interesting to Karin Browne that - for a place surrounded by water - it was apparent to her that few people were competent swimmers. Inspired by this and her love for swimming, Karin's MA Recreation and Leisure Studies work and research involves increasing access to aquatic programs for BIPOC populations.

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Karin Browne