REC 120 Retreat

Retreat information

Each year students enrolled in REC 120, Experience Design and Delivery, participate in a mandatory overnight retreat at a camp facility. Registration is required and there is a fee to cover accommodation, meals and transportation. This fee is in lieu of a required textbook for the course. Bus transportation is provided to and from the camp from Parking Lot M beside BMH at University of Waterloo.

The retreat provides an opportunity to participate in recreation programming led by the camp facilitators which will then be assessed in the course. It also provides an opportunity to get to know your fellow students in a leisure setting.

Fall 2023 retreat details

This year's retreat is held at Tim Hortons Onondaga Farms camp September 22-23, 2023.

  • Friday September 22 - meet at 4:00 pm at Parking Lot M next to BMH to board the bus
  • Saturday September 23 - arrive back at 2:30 pm at Parking Lot M next to BMH

The cost for the retreat is $168.03 ($148.70 plus HST). It includes Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch, overnight accommodations, bus transportation, and all activities provided by the camp staff.

For this year's retreat, we are inviting upper year REC students who missed out on the retreat experience to join in. We have set aside some spaces for upper year students.

Registration deadline is Tuesday, September 12, 2023. Choose the appropriate link below to register.

There are also two forms required by Tim Horton Children's Foundation, Inc. to complete online through their Pandadoc e-platform:

  • Assumption of risk and permission form
  • Wellness information form

These forms must be completed by September 13.

Mandatory attendance

Participation in the retreat is a mandatory part of the course. However, we recognize that there may be legitimate reasons a student cannot participate.

  • A part-time or full-time job is NOT considered a legitimate reason to miss the retreat. Please book time off work now.
  • Varsity athletes may be required to miss the retreat for a game/match/meet (but NOT a practice). An email to Troy Glover from your Head Coach is required and must include details for why you should be excused.
  • If an emergency arises after the registration deadline, please contact Troy Glover immediately to notify him of the cancellation and request a refund up until September 22nd.
  • Any student who has a legitimate conflict approved by Troy Glover will receive a make-up assignment in lieu of attending the retreat.
  • Students will not be allowed to drive separately to the camp. Bus transportation is provided for the group.

What to bring

Students will be assigned to bunkhouses, with four bunks to a room and a washroom shared by every two bunk rooms (eight people). All bedding is provided, including sheets, blankets and pillow and the bunkhouses are temperature controlled.

Tim Hortons Onondaga Farms will do its best to accommodate any special food needs. Details will be gathered on the Tim Hortons wellness forms after you register. No outside food or beverages are allowed. Due to shared appliances in the kitchen, meals cannot be fully kosher. All water at the camp is purified and drinkable.

Drugs (including cannabis) and alcohol are not permitted. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. Please inform Troy Glover if ceremonial tobacco is part of your experience.

If you require a service animal to accompany you to the retreat, please advise Troy Glover immediately.

Cell phones are discouraged and not allowed to be used during programs. Cameras are not allowed in unsupervised areas of the bunkhouses. Leave any valuables at home. There are limited power outlets in the washrooms and common areas of the bunkhouses only. Do not bring grooming appliances or technology chargers.

A recommended packing list is provided below. Many of the activities will be held outdoors rain or shine, so dress accordingly. Layers will help you adjust to unpredictable weather.

  • coat/raincoat and shoes/boots for outdoor activities rain or shine
  • warm socks and extra socks
  • loose fitting pants
  • long sleeve shirt or sweater
  • t-shirt
  • running shoes
  • pajamas
  • flashlight
  • towel
  • toiletries, any medicine you require
  • water bottle
  • sunscreen, bug spray
  • hat, gloves (if prone to chilliness)