Students can apply to the Department for partial support for costs related to thesis research. The maximum amount of support available will be $350 for doctoral and $200 for master’s students.

Applications for this support must be submitted to the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies after successful defence of the thesis proposal and prior to the collection of data.  Applications should be no longer than 2 pages in length and should include the following:

  • the title of the proposed thesis
  • the names of the thesis supervisor and committee members
  • date on which thesis proposal was approved by the committee
  • a short description of the study, including the purpose, the method, and type of data to be collected
  • the date on which data collection is scheduled to begin
  • whether or not ethical approval for the project has been sought and/or granted
  • a detailed budget explaining how the funds are to be used
  • a tentative date for the completion of the thesis

After completion of the data collection, and prior to the final defence date, the student must submit a final budget, along with original receipts, to the Department Administrator using the Finance expense claim form.