Recreation and Leisure Studies first-year course selection

Welcome to Recreation and Leisure Studies! Your first year will provide you with foundational courses, including your first major-specific elective course in the winter term. 

Please see below for detailed information about your first-year courses and course enrollment.

Fall term: September to December

You will be automatically enrolled in your five required courses. In July, you should log into Quest to ensure you have been enrolled in your required courses. 

Fall term courses

  • REC 100 - Introduction to the Study of Recreation and Leisure
  • REC 101 - Introduction to Recreation and Leisure Services
  • REC 120 - Experience Design and Delivery
  • HEALTH 107 - Sociology of Activity, Health, and Well-being
  • PSYCH 101 - Introductory Psychology

If you wish to take less than the five required courses for any reason, please contact your academic advisor at to determine what plan will work best for you. You should not drop or change any courses without talking with your academic advisor.

Winter term: January to April

Your winter term will be a mix of a required course and electives. You are required to request all of your winter-term courses - both your required course and your electives - in Quest in September, during the Course Selection Period.

We suggest you request your elective courses based on your major:

Major Winter courses

Recreation and Leisure Studies

Two REC electives

One restricted elective

Two open electives

Recreation and Sport Business(RSB)

REC 215 - Marketing Recreation and Sport Services

BET 100 - Essentials of Entrepreneurial Behaviour

One RSB elective

One REC elective

One open elective

Therapeutic Recreation

REC 151 - Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation Practice

HEALTH 150 - Foundations of Human Anatomy and Physiology

One REC Elective

Two open electives

In early September, you'll receive an email to your uwaterloo email address telling you the dates during which you'll request your courses in Quest. You can also check the chart of important dates.

Tips to prepare for requesting winter term courses:

Find the information you need

We always use email to contact you with important information, so make sure to check your uwaterloo email regularly.

Contact us

We know that university life can seem intimidating, that's why we’re here to help. If you have questions about the program, your Offer of Admission, or your class schedule, please contact us.