About to graduate

Apply to graduate

Students intending to graduate should apply to graduate on Quest approximately one month prior to completion of degree requirements. If you qualify for a tuition refund based on your degree completion date, it will be automatically assessed and processed. For tuition refund periods, see the Graduate Important Dates Calendar.

Thesis and marks submission deadlines for convocation

For final dates for submission of thesis (ready for binding) and all grades/marks to Graduate Studies Office for Convocation, see the Graduate Important Dates Calendar.

Program checklist

Please see the Health Policies and Procedures or RLS Graduate Studies on UW Learn for your program checklist to be sure you have fulfilled all degree requirements.

Career preparation

Waterloo's Centre for Career Development offers high quality in-person and online services to help you achieve your career goals. Seeking a career in academia? See the following job posting sites for opportunities at Canadian universities.